Current & Ongoing Work Within the Last Year:
SIGGRAPH 2008 Informal Forum Notes for Meros: Remapping Light in the Urban Journey
An exported PDF of the presentation is available [here]. PDF 18.4Mb
Processing Previsualization for Meros [Screenshot][Sketch -zip 4kb]
OpenGl Biology Visualization Systems for Research: Prairie Dog Simulation of the Resource Dispersion Hypothesis (C. Jenson, D. Moore, J. Verdolin)-Ongoing [Screenshot]
Processing Sketch for Exploring Line Beyond Boundary Indicators: Fields
[Screenshot][Sketch -Zip 416kb][Installed at iDMAa Conference]
3D Laser Scanning of 4000 year old artifacts: Cuneiform Forensics
[Screenshot of Reconstruction] [Flatbed Scan of Tablet] [Rendered Output]
SIGGRAPH 2007 Technical Paper: Lighting-Aware Motion Capture Using Photosensing Markers and Multiplexed Illumination (R. Raskar, H. Nii, B. de Decker, Y. Hashimoto, J. Summet, D. Moore, Y. Zhao,J. Westhues, P. Dietz, M. Inami, S. Nayar, J. Barnwell, M. Noland, P. Bekaert, V. Branzoi, E. Bruns )
[Youtube] [Weblink] [PDF of Paper]
Stereoscopic Reconstruction, Depth Edge Detection, and OpenGL Visualizations
[Screenshot 1-Depth] [Screenshot 2-Edges] [Screenshot 2-Drawing] [Screenshot 2-Masking]